We are the official ANKAI distributor in México. Recognized buses & coaches manufacturer with high vehicles demand in the 5 continents.

Improve the performance of your fleet with more modern, durable and efficient vehicles.

Get financing for your company and LNG / CNG gas supply solutions.

After-sales service and spare parts supply of the highest quality level in Mexico.

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Excellence in products, perfection in after-sales service. The ideal solution for your ground passenger transportation company.


A brand with a global presence now in Mexico.

ANKAI is part of the JAC Group, a key player in the automotive industry in the world, with more than 50 years of experience and an installed capacity of more than 700,000 vehicles per year. ANKAI vehicles are requested in dozens of countries on 5 continents. JAC has strategic alliances with Navistar Corporation, Caterpillar and in Mexico with Giant Motors, a company owned by Carlos Slim.


Natural gas / diesel / eléctric engines.

ANKAI buses operate with gas, diesel or electricity. The remarkable technological development of ANKAI, which makes its trucks safer, more efficient and more durable, is partly due to the very close cooperation relationship with the German SETRA (subsidiary of Daimler AG).

Complete after-sales service in México

Our main drive is costumer satisfaction

On EGS Trucks you get a reliable 100% mexican after-sales service. We have preventive / corrective service, training, agile supply of spare parts and we are the official after-sales service of YUCHAI engines in Mexico.

Our distinctive seal
is a 360 integral service.

Our hallmark is a complete and comprehensive service: Financing; LNG / CNG gas supply; Spare parts Supply, After Sales Service, all this is part of the backbone of EGS Trucks .

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