An integral solution for ground passenger companies in Mexico that are looking for high quality and more efficient buses & coaches.

EGS Trucks is the ideal solution for ground passenger companies in Mexico who wish to renew their buses, coaches and minibuses from diesel to natural gas LNG/CNG, or to electric, in order to drastically reduce the emission of harmful particles on the environment and to Increase up to 50% the fuel efficiency in your units and therefore also increase your profit margin.

Approximately 44% of Mexicans move in city buses or minibuses that depend on diesel, a type of fuel that is very expensive and pollutes too much.

The natural and effective solution to the constant increase in the price of diesel in Mexico, and the pollution it generates, is to renew the fleets of city buses with units that can use natural gas, LNG & GNC. This solution has already been implemented on a large scale and with great results in several Latin American countries such as Colombia and Argentina, and in Mexico it is already being implemented by numerous passenger and personnel transport companies.

ANKAI logo

EGS Trucks is the exclusive representative in Mexico of the recognized brand ANKAI , manufacturer of buses, coaches and minibuses for the passenger transport industry. ANKAI is the proud owner of the technological patent for the invention of monocoque bodywork in China, and has an installed production capacity of more than 30,000 vehicles per year.

Thousands of customers and ground passenger transportation companies in the world trust ANKAI.

ANKAI is a leader in Asia in the development and innovation of new clean energy technologies, and was recently named the # 2 in the top 100 of machinery industries in China. The main features of ANKAI buses are efficiency, technology, safety, and beautiful european design.

ANKAI has a manufacturing capacity of more than 30,000 buses per year. Their vehicles have been exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, England, Belgium, Australia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Macau and Russia, among others.

At EGS Trucks we are proud to introduce ANKAI to the Mexican market due to its great experience, manufacturing experience and international recognition. It is not a coincidence that ANKAI buses and coaches are operating in regions as far apart as New York, South Africa, and Australia. The durability, reliability and efficiency of its vehicles, due to its strict quality control is what has opened the doors wide open to ANKAI to new horizons, and this time for the great benefit of the mexican ground passenger market.

ANKAI is part of the JAC Group, a key player in the automotive industry in the world, with more than 50 years of experience and an installed capacity of more than 700,000 vehicles per year. The JAC Group vehicles have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. JAC has strategic alliances with Navistar Corporation, Caterpillar and in Mexico with Giant Motors, a company owned by Carlos Slim.

Innovative Technolohy Leader in Asia
Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo ANKAI para Camiones y Autobuses Centro de investigación y desarrollo ANKAI

ANKAI is a pioneer in the development of new technologies in vehicles for ground passenger transport. For this, it has an important research center in HEIFEI, China. In this center, technologies are developed for electric buses, gas, diesel and its parts, including safety systems, electronic controls, among others.

Pantalla táctil inteligente en autobuses eléctrico ANKAI Los vehículos eléctricos ANKAI tienen pantalla táctil

ANKAI is constantly applying for new patents (more than 400 currently) and is the owner of the patent for the invention of the monocoque body in China. All this is the result of the passion for technological development from the highest level in the company.

take safety.

Financiamiento de Camiones de Pasajeros Nuevos EGS Trucks

One of the main advantages of EGS Trucks are our financing plans so you can get your buses according to the lease scheme that suits you. After a careful evaluation of your project and your company by our financial team, you can - if approved - obtain a better position for your business by allowing EGS Trucks to provide the capital you need to acquire your buses.

If you need it, we will inject the capital so you can start using your new LNG / CNG buses.

Get more time to pay for your city buses and coaches! Or you can lease your bus instead of buying it.

With EGS Trucks you can defer the debt for the acquisition or use (pure lease) of your buses from 12 to 60 months. This allows you to improve your cash flow and optimize your company's corporate finances. We have the option of applying, within this same financing, the care and maintenance of your vehicles in our workshops and with our team of experts. Or we can also fully train your staff so that they can give full maintenance to your bus engine and/or body in your workshops.

autobus turistico nuevo ANKAI en México A9 coach bus. Available with gas, diesel or eléctric engine.

We take care of the LNG / CNG natural gas supply for your vehicles.

As part of our 360 solution, at EGS Trucks you get the GNC / LNG gas supply for your vehicles. We do this through our sister company GASantos, specializing in the design and construction of virtual natural gas stations. GASantos provides you with the necessary infrastructure and advice for the installation of your mobile or fixed LNG / CNG gas station on any city within Mexico.

Estación de GNL y GNC para camiones urbanos y autobuses en México

Get your new buses and coaches up to 50% more efficient with Yuchai, Cummins, or Weichai natural gas engines.

Get to know some of ANKAI's main strengths

1.- ANKAI has built a very close cooperative relationship with the German SETRA (subsidiary of Daimler AG) to ensure that the manufacturing and technology of its vehicles is always within a world class quality.

2.- Sole manufacturer in China owner of monocoque bodywork technology. The strength of a monocoque type structure is 3 to 6 times higher than that of a traditional body bus.

3.- implements the TS16949 quality system, which is the international quality standard for the automotive industry and is based on the 9001 standard.

4.- All ANKAI vehicles are coated with paint by electrophoresis technology. This significantly increases paint adhesion and corrosion resistance.

5.- ANKAI has an important research and development center dedicated to the technological development of all things buses, minibuses and coaches.

6.- ANKAI is recognized for its commitment to safety and for exhaustive performance and performance tests on slopes; rough roads; cobblestone roads and in many other extreme situations that the company conducts meticulously in his vehicles. ANKAI's commitment to safety and durability has earned it important recognition from customers on five continents.

7.- ANKAI is backed by JAC Group, a key player in the world's automotive industry with vehicle presence in more than 100 countries and regions.

EGS Trucks has an agile spare parts supply thanks to a strong supply chain and excellent after-sales service.

Mantenimiento de camiones urbanos nuevos EGS Trucks
We take care of the maintenance of your vehicles or train your staff so they can do it themselves.

We are experts in the optimal maintenance of all our vehicles. We offer an expedited supply of spare parts; technical support, validation of guarantees; as well as training for preventive and corrective maintenance of engines and bus bodies.

We have spare parts and service centers located in the center and north of México, so that we can deliver faster what you need.

Our experts are responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance of the engines of your vehicles. EGS Trucks is the official after-sales service of YUCHAI engines in Mexico.

motor a gas natural para camion urbano y autobus en mexico EGS Trucks is the official after-sales service of YUCHAI engines in Mexico. We also have Cummins and Weichai engines.

We know how important it is for you that your buses and coaches are always working, that's why we have developed an efficient supply chain with strategically located warehouses in the north and center of the country to provide the necessary spare parts and service on record time.

The famous ANKAI double-deck tourist bus with gas, diesel and electric engine is now available in Mexico
camion turistico de doble piso en mexico

ANKAI has distributed hundreds of tourist double-decker buses around the world. We can proudly say that they are the only double-decker buses manufactured in China that are rolling in cities like New York, Dubai, London and Hong Kong, among others, because they are certified with DOT in the United States and the E-mark in the European Union. This speaks of ANKAI's great commitment to quality and the trust it has gained over the decades.

ANKAI's double-deck buses adopt an integral structure made entirely of aluminum to protect the integrity of passengers as much as possible. There are three types of roofs available on this bus (closed, open and half-open) to adapt to the usual weather conditions in different parts of the world. Painting by means of electrophoresis significantly increases the adhesion of the paint and prevents corrosion.

BRT articulated trucks for dedicated lanes.

We have RBT buses for fast transit also known in México as metrobús. This buses ride within specially designed lanes to improve the flow of passengers. This vehicle combine the capacity and speed of the metro system with the flexibility of a traditional city bus.

exterior de camion articulado brt en mexico (metrobus) interior de camion articulado brt en mexico (metrobus) Exterior e interior de camión articulado BTR.